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Heartland Coin Club Contacts

If you have questions regarding coins, please call us at our general phone line: (619) 354-4228 (9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.) or email the Board Members at Board@HeartlandCoinClub.com

The Heartland Coin Club is composed of seven Elected Board Members.

2017 Board Members:

President: José Miguel Gallego, (619) 261-3610, JoseGallego@HeartlandCoinClub.com

Vice-president: Andrew Woodruff, (619) 447-7654, AndrewWoodruff@HeartlandCoinClub.com

Second Vice-president: John Weiss, (619) 249-9299, JohnWeiss@HeartlandCoinClub.com

Junior Vice-President: Gabriel McGinley, 619-451-6429, GabrielMcGinley@HeartlandCoinClub.com

Secretary: Ginny Bourke, (619) 486-4830, Ginny@HeartlandCoinClub.com

Treasurer: David Argow, DavidArgow@HeartlandCoinClub.com

Correspondence Secretary: Joe Swinko, JoeSwinko@HeartlandCoinClub.com

No photo this year, but we have a wonderful video. To watch it just double click on the image below:

2017 Installation Dinner


2017 Appointed Positions:

Medals: David Argow, davidargow@gmail.com

Coin for Kids: Appoitment pending

Web Masters: Cole Schenewerk and José M. Gallego, webmasters@HeartlandCoinClub.com